Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few FAQ that may answer your questions regarding Richview Park’s HOA.

Can you tell me about any crime in the area?2019-07-18T20:43:05-04:00

Yes, there have been isolated incidents of people taking items from unlocked cars, unlocked homes, and unsecured yard items. Please report suspicious activity, crime, stray dogs, aggressive driving, suspicious drug trade, and dogs without leach to the Tallahassee Police, Animal Control, or Code Enforcement as applicable, and alert the HOA by sending an email.

Does the HOA have a list of approved siding?2019-07-24T21:08:55-04:00

Generally, T-1 11 plywood, vinyl, plank boards are used. Seek approval from the HOA Architectural Committee in advance for siding and color approval. The form for HOA Property Improvement Document can be found under Document and Forms.

Can I have metal, aluminum, wood and, or atypical colored roofing installed (i.e. green, red, white)?2019-07-18T20:42:05-04:00


Can I have natural gas appliances?2019-07-18T20:41:32-04:00

No, the subdivision does not have natural gas pipelines.

Can I have solar panel on my property?2019-07-18T20:41:07-04:00

Yes, but please ask permission from the HOA Architectural Committee.

Can I have Direct, DISH, Xfinity, or Satellite TV dish?2019-07-18T20:40:40-04:00

Yes, unless you are a tenant and your lease say otherwise.

Can I have short-term signs such as: “Open House”, “Garage Sale”, “For Sale”, or “For Rent” posted in my yard?2019-07-18T20:40:02-04:00

Yes, you may.

Can I have Political signs in my yard?2019-07-18T20:39:14-04:00

Yes, but limit the number of signs, and remove them soon after the election.

Can I operate a home-based business?2019-07-18T20:38:49-04:00

Yes, but only if it doesn’t generate significant traffic, noise, odor, storage, signage, large truck parking and, or complaints.

Can I carryout automotive mechanical repairs or maintenance on my property?2019-07-18T20:38:23-04:00


Where would I find the Common City Code Violations?2019-07-18T20:37:55-04:00
Where do I find the City Code web address, and phone contact information?2019-07-18T20:37:26-04:00

The City web address is – Http://www.talgove.com/growth/growth-community-code.aspx

The phone number is (850) 891-7001, Option 3.

Can I grow my bushes as high as I like?2019-07-18T20:36:51-04:00

It is advisable to keep your bushes below or at window height for security purposes. Although the City does not regulate the height of bushes, the HOA prefers well-trimmed trees, and bushes

Can I grow my lawn very tall?2019-07-18T20:36:27-04:00

No, overgrown yards will be fined by the City.

Can I have long-term advertising, solicitation signs?2019-07-18T20:35:56-04:00


Can I park on the Sidewalk?2019-07-18T20:35:26-04:00


Can I park on the grass?2019-07-18T20:34:17-04:00


Can I have more than two cars per driveway?2019-07-18T20:33:43-04:00


Can my dog or pets do their business wherever they please?2019-07-18T20:33:03-04:00

No.  If your pooch poop on the grass, collect the poop in a bag and dispose of it appropriately.

Who do I contact for Utilities, Trash, Recycle Bin or to report a problem?2019-07-08T18:14:14-04:00

Who do I contact for Utilities, Trash, Recycle Bin or to report a problem?

Please contact the City of Tallahassee https://www.talgov.com/you/you.aspx


On which day is Trash collected in the Subdivision?

The neighborhood trash day is MONDAY.


When should I pull my trash can back?

Trash can must be pull back into the yard by the next day, or the City will fine non-compliant owners or renters.


How do I get rid of bulky items?

Bulky items are – furniture, electronics, beds, construction materials, large branches.  The City has many requirements, and in some cased, you must make a special request. In some cases, the service is free. Please contact the city for more information at https://www.talgov.com/you/you-solidwaste.aspx


What should you do when you observe any incident on the list below?2019-07-24T20:59:25-04:00

Please contact the City of Tallahassee – [email protected]

  • Abandoned cars
  • Junk at the side of front of house
  • Graffiti on mail boxes
  • Suspicious activity
  • Street light out
  • Potholes
  • Street sigh missing
  • Damaged sidewalk cracks
  • Trash cans not being removed timely
  • Entrance
  • Street facing exterior paint colors
  • Roof colors
  • Window types
  • Fencing
  • Lawn décor
  • Cars parked on the grass
  • Parked trailers

Contact the HOA at richviewpark@yahoo,com

  • Maintenance issues – contact your plumber/specialist
Who owns/maintains the wall between our units?2019-07-08T18:10:34-04:00

Each unit owns/maintains its side – If you can look through a section of wall as would one or the other unit, that’s the owner of the respective exterior wall.

Who owns and maintains the mailboxes and keys?2019-07-24T21:00:28-04:00


Who manages the HOA website?2019-07-08T18:09:11-04:00

The HOA is managed and designed by Netphiles:

2512 Balsam Terrace

Tallahassee, FL 32303

(850) 536-0694


How is our lawncare service provider and is he insured/bonded?2019-07-08T18:07:30-04:00

Curtis Hayes, Hayes Lawn Service has been the HOA lawn care provider since the development of the subdivision:

66 Gaffney Side Road

Monticello, FL 32344 

(850) 545-6139.

When? Where? How often does the HOA hold meetings?2019-07-08T18:06:24-04:00

The meetings will vary depending on whether matters are pressing. However, there is always one Annual Meeting each year.  The meetings are held at Towne East Baptist Church at 1055 Richview Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32301.

Where can I see the Covenants and Restrictions?2019-07-08T18:05:55-04:00

You may request a copy for the HOA, Research it at the Court website or our Homepage – www.richviewparkhoa.com

Who does the HOA Bank with?2019-07-11T02:57:31-04:00

The HOA uses Capital City Bank on Apalachee Parkway.

Does the HOA pay /file taxes?2019-07-24T21:01:12-04:00

The HOA files a one page tax form which include Annual Dues, so no taxable actions occur.

What happens if I do not pay my Annual Dues?  2019-07-24T21:02:31-04:00

The HOA will charge 12 percent interest and send a “Demand Letter” from our attorney, as well as place a lien on a property.

Can Annual Dues be increased?2019-07-24T21:03:21-04:00

YES, according to our Covenant, Annul Dues can be increased up to 5 percent each year.

What is the history of Annual Dues?2020-02-24T19:36:39-05:00

Year                      Amount

2010- 2016         $37.50

2017                     $39.00

2018-2019          $40.95

2020                    $42.99

What do my dues pay for?2019-07-24T21:04:25-04:00

Maintenance of entrance

  • Entrance utilities
  • Backflow
  • Landscape
  • Sprinkler system
  • Lighting fixtures: timers, wiring and outdoor Outlets
  • Entrance decorations for the holidays

Administrative services

  • Correspondence printing
  • Postage/paper/ink
  • Check purchase
  • Mail box rental fee
  • Meeting space /snacks

Professional fees

  • HOA website
  • HOA insurance
  • Financial Report
  • Government fees, bonding, attorney fee as needed or applicable
Are Annual Dues paid in arrears?2019-07-08T17:47:02-04:00

NO, Annual Dues are paid in advance.

Are Annual Dues mandatory in Florida?2019-07-08T17:46:18-04:00

YES, per Florida Statute 720.308

Are Annual Dues collected annually or monthly?2019-07-08T17:45:29-04:00

Annual Dues are collected Annually – January 1 each year.

When are Annual Dues due?2019-07-08T17:42:12-04:00

Annual Dues are due on the 1st day of each year- January 1.

Are the HOA Board members paid?2019-07-02T00:44:56-04:00

No, the HOA board members are volunteers.

What is the HOA’s Tax ID number ?2019-07-02T00:44:29-04:00

Our Tax identification number is 59-3243208

When was the Richview Park HOA formed?2019-07-24T21:05:24-04:00

March 27, 1991.

Does the HOA have an office?2019-07-02T00:43:15-04:00

The HOA does not have an office.

How many units are there in the HOA subdivisions?2019-07-02T00:42:41-04:00

There are 154 units in the development.

Is our subdivision a Planned Unit Development (PUD) ?2019-07-02T00:42:11-04:00

No,  the development was not designed for varied and comparable land uses, only as a housing development.

Does the HOA rent any facilites or have income generating devices like coin laundry, stock holdings or interest bearing accounts?2019-07-02T00:41:31-04:00

The HOA has none of the above.

Does the HOA own any land or buildings?2019-07-02T00:40:52-04:00

The HOA does not own any land or buildings.

Does any one person own more than a handful of townhouses for rental?2019-07-02T00:40:07-04:00

The most one person/entity owns is nine units.  The HOA would prefer owner-occupied properties to maintain the character of the subdivision.

What percentage of the housing units are rented vs owner occupied?2019-07-02T00:37:28-04:00

About 60 percent are owner-occupied.

In the HOA a non-profit?2019-07-02T00:36:44-04:00

The HOA is a non-profit organization.

Does the HOA/Developer own any unit?2019-07-02T00:36:07-04:00

No, the Developer does not own a unit.

Can I contract the subdivision developer?2019-07-02T00:35:25-04:00

The Corporation (Hillcrest Housing, Inc) no longer exists.

Does the HOA need to pre-approve tenants/rental/sale/purchase of home?2019-07-02T00:34:53-04:00

No pre-approval is needed.

Where can my bank request an ‘Estoppel Letter’, and is there a fee for generating the Letter?2020-02-24T22:33:21-05:00

Please email the HOA to request the Estoppel Letter – [email protected]. Yes, there is a $150 fee, payable to Richview Park HOA, P.O. Box 15512, Tallahassee, FL 32317.

The Estoppel Letter can be found on the website, go to Documents and Forms. You  should complete your requested information then email the Estoppel Letter to the HOA for completion.

I am refinancing/selling my house and bank/mortgage lender needs to know if the HOA has insurance and with whom?2019-07-02T00:33:42-04:00

Yes, the HOA is insured with Doug Crowley Insurance, 2814 Remington Green Circle, Tallahassee, FL 32308. (850) 386-1922.

What is a home owner’s association?2019-06-27T02:06:04-04:00

Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) are organizations which deal with the upkeep of a neighborhood’s common areas and establish standards of acceptable behavior for a community. While they all share a common purpose, the level of activity HOA’s undertake and other characteristics vary somewhat from case to case.

How do HOA board enforce rules?2019-06-27T02:08:10-04:00

While limited to some extent by state and local laws, HOA rules and regulations are also supported by them. This means that becoming a member involves entering into a legally binding contract. As long as the HOA stays within its authority and its governing documents comply with state and local laws, courts will usually uphold their actions if an issue gets that far. While rules are officially set in documents, the HOA can usually change them through a member vote or similar procedure, so there is recourse if a particular restriction or bylaw seems unfair.

Disciplinary actions by a HOA are typically in the form of fines, but in more serious cases may go as far as a lien on the property. For a sufficient offense, the HOA may even be able to foreclose on a home, depending on its rules. If an HOA assesses fines, even incorrectly, it may be better to pay them first and then contest the matter to avoid any late fees, penalties or other consequences.

What are the typical duties of a homeowners association?2019-06-27T02:09:41-04:00

Looking after common property might involve mowing the grass, shoveling snow, repaving streets, cleaning up dead trees and similar tasks. Trash collection, water and sewer services and activities of that nature can also fall under the HOA’s purview. In some neighborhoods, HOA management will also involve upkeep for common clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis courts and similar facilities. Those living in condominiums may pay the HOA for building upkeep, dealing with elevators and other matters that affect all residents.

The size of the neighborhood and its common areas is often a factor in the HOA’s general activity level. Communities with little space may have relatively low-key HOAs, while those with extensive shared facilities will need to remain active to keep them in good condition. The HOA is also responsible for ensuring residents follow regulations, such as rules against pets or building fences.

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